Summer’s Over

Summer’s Oversummers-over

Well folks, summer is over and luckily we escaped the severe hot Texas weather without too much damage. You may or may not know that severe heat affects your homes air conditioner parts and components, including ductwork in the attic. Your homes attic turns into an oven in the summer and breaks down ducts that provide your home with cool air. Contact Cool Choice Heating and Air to inspect those ducts this fall.

As Austin’s premier ac contractor we know hvac like the back of our hand. AC work is not just about the air conditioner, it’s also about air flow and duct work. This summer we repaired and replaced quite a few ducts that had come apart, been damaged, or were obstructed. You don’t want to cool your attic, you want to keep that cool air inside your home where it belongs!

In Austin most homes use flex ducting which is great but it tends to become brittle and less efficient over time. Today most ac contractors use (or should be using) R-8 ducting, however most older homes still have old R-6 ducts which are not as efficient and tend to be more brittle.  R-8 ducts have a thicker insulation layer therefor reducing heat infiltration. These ducts also have a better radiant barrier on the outside of the duct which in my opinion is of better quality than the older style ducts.

So there you have it Austin, duct work is very important and can easily deteriorate in our hot Texas attics. Don’t cool your attics, cool your home!

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